New Drop Jordans is not the only company making plans for the holiday season. Nike, looking forward to Christmas, has entered the spirit, preparing the color of Air Force 1 is very appropriate. Revealed in PS and TD sizes, this pair starts with some red details. Eye stays and toe caps, for beginners, show off a loud red, while the panels are adjacent-namely the front foot, lace unit, and counter-choose a shade several grooves deep. Then lightly paint green on the tongue label and heel label. Both labels are golden, just like the Swoosh on the side. In the latest Reebok collaboration, Japanese brand BEAMS invited Parisian restaurant/brand Paperboy to decorate Club C Legacy. Unlike its recent appearance, the silhouette here does not have all the colors. On the contrary, white neutral colors are used a lot, from leather panels to shoe soles, lace units and linings. Although quite low-key in this regard, the branding of the two companies is quite interesting. The name of the newsboy is affixed to the side, and the thin font is written in pencil, just like the existing logo of the store. At the back, the "Reebok" logo on the heel is similar, while the tongue has a more refined beam text and the logo of this French restaurant.

Sergio Lozano's Nike Air Max 95 design continues to 2021Sneakers withstand the test of time because it has been more than 25 years since its release and is one of the most coveted sneakers in the world. Its success in popularity is partly because it has designed a large number of color schemes for specific groups of people, such as a color scheme that can't refuse all-pink sneakers. The latest Air Max 95 women's Air Max 95 uses a variety of different pinks to achieve the iconic gradient effect, but a closer look will reveal some additional details that are different from the 95 model. The top layer below the grid overlay is a camouflage pattern, which we have seen on other Air Max 95 and Air Max 97. Just below that is a texture layer, with technical aesthetics. The glittering golden thread used to embroider the Swoosh adds a bit of female talent. This sneaker was designed by Bruce Kilgore and made its debut in 1982. It has evolved a lot from the initial high-top basketball shoes to now. Cities like Baltimore and New York gave Air Force 1 a life beyond hardwood, injecting a "cool" element that continues to this day. Although hundreds of color schemes, modifications, and collaborations have reshaped Kilgore's original design, the all-white AF1—especially the low-top model—has been widely accepted as the most iconic style.

For their latest skate shop cooperation, Nike SB will travel all the way to Barcelona to connect with SKATE DELUXE. The two customized the Blazer Mid together, New Air Force 1 adding some subtle but interesting additions to it. What followed was a rather gentle departure from the existing one. The all-black suede is used as the base, and its texture is suppressed on the surface. The white midsole and Swoosh are far more primitive in comparison, and both appear quite bright. Elsewhere, the added embroidery is also prominent because they bring extra swooshish on the toes and overall inspired patterns on the sides. New Balance XC-72 has not yet become the brand's "fashion" shoes, but it is slowly building an eye-catching style roster. The latest theme of this sneaker is a variety of shades of green. Inspired by racing cars, the low-top trainer is characterized by a mix of canvas and suede in its proper design in the 70s. The detail in the center of the toe box deviates from its green environment, with a light blue, running the length of the outsole. The white and off-white uppers further let the above-mentioned colors revel in the spotlight, and the traces of the soles introduce a light plastic brown makeup to New Balance's latest life proposition.

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