Buddy must be excited in preparing all the needs to welcome the fitri day. One of them is preparing pastries that are served to welcome guests on Eid day. But remember, my friend, the number of pastries at home is not necessarily healthy, you know. Pastries recipes often use ingredients that are high in fat and high in sugar. How to make healthy cookies for Eid? Check out the tips below

1. Use Butter When Baking

Butter is an indispensable ingredient when making a dry or wet cake. However, butter has high saturated fat compared to butter or margarine because butter is made from animal fat, while margarine is made from vegetable fat mixed with an emulsifier to produce a semi-solid cream.

Butter has little unsaturated fat so it is good for health. The difference between butter and butter is that it has a bright yellow color and doesn't melt easily at room temperature, and has a saltier taste than butter. Meanwhile, butter is paler in color and has a milky aroma. Butter can't be kept outdoors for too long because it's easy to change the taste and smell.

2. Wheat Flour

The next tip is to mix some or replace the flour that you use using wheat or oat flour. Use wheat or oat flour, which can make your pastries contain up to four times as much fiber as regular wheat flour or other all-purpose flours.

3. Use of Salt

Did you know, some baked cakes contain a lot of sodium which is quite high. The use of salt in cakes should be limited, use teaspoon of salt for 1 cake batter. As for friends who are on a salt diet, use teaspoon of salt for 1 cookie dough.

4. Dark Chocolate

When you want to make chocolate cake, use dark chocolate, not chocolate that has been mixed with milk. This is because dark chocolate contains at least 70 percent cocoa, is rich in antioxidants and contains fewer calories.

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